The Metreon Cascade Device is a weapon of mass destruction used to irradiate a planet with intense levels of Metreon Radioactive Isotopes. Once delivered, the device will instantly vaporize a large portion of the population of the planet and leave the planet covered in a blanket of Metreon Radiation Fallout and the Biogenic matter from the cascade’s Initial victims.

The Radiation Fallout will also result in radiation poisoning killing those who are not destroyed by the initial blast. Sufficient exposure to metreons result in the deadly disease metremia.

Such a weapon used against a planet can severely devastate the population with immediate results between 20-50% being killed in initial blast and upto 100% suffer effects of either Radiation poisoning or the disease Metremia.

Metreon Radiation Poisoning

Game Effect:

10% + (1D4 x 10%) of Planetary Population Killed Instantly.

1 to 100% of Remaining Population effected with Radiation Poisoning.

1 to 100% of Remaining Population effected with Metremia disease.