Damage from a Point Singularity Projector.

A Point Singularity Projector (PSP) is a weapon that can fire artificial, miniature singularities.

A singularity itself is an enormous amount of mass that does not occupy any room in the universe. This is because a singularity is so dense that the dimensions around it have collapsed in on themselves, having formed a one-dimensional object. This property offers the singularity the ability to rip through matter as if it were passing through space. A singularity does not do kinetic damage like a warhead or an effector, as the damage is done by the singularities massive gravitational pull on the matter it goes past, which warps and destroys it as it passes through or by any matter.

A Point Singularity projector is one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe, it is capable of tearing a hole in a Star cruiser and even destroying an entire planet.